Při nákupu zboží v hodnotě nad 1500,- Kč doprava zdarma.

Meat mincers

The ones even your grandmother believed in

  • 5-year warranty for the whole mincer
  • Carefully machined parts fit together perfectly
  • High-quality cast iron and tin surface that does not corrode
You found it! The legendary reliable cast iron mincer Porkert, which we have been producing in the Czech Republic for over 100 years. Only here can we produce an indestructible mincer that will last forever. The individual parts fit together perfectly, and you feel that everything works as it should every time you turn the handle.

Quality like in the old days

Vyber velikost mlýnku

The smallest mincer for home use

Medium mincer for home use

The largest mincer for home use

Smaller mincer for professional use

Larger mincer for professional use

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