Při nákupu zboží v hodnotě nad 1500,- Kč doprava zdarma.

Meat mincer No. 8

With a quality mincer, mincing goes beautifully. Try it as well – get a mincer that will last you for a lifetime. Like mincer no. 8, the medium size of our household mincers.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Precise craftsmanship
  • Health certificate
You found it! The legendary reliable cast iron mincer Porkert which we have been manufacturing for over 100 years. Only here can we produce an indestructible mincer that will last forever. The individual parts fit together perfectly, and you feel that everything works as it should every time you turn the handle.

Quality proven by generations

Fair materials are the foundation

Our traditional material is high quality cast iron. We have been casting the mincers out of it for 100 years and you know how long it will last - you have certainly seen the same in your grandmothers’ kitchens.   

The surface of the mincer consists of a thick layer of food industry standard tin. It protects the mincer from rust and poses no health risks. We have a certificate from the National Institute of Public Health for this.

Careful machining to keep everything in place

A well-made mincer which “whispers” when grinding on empty, thus showing that everything fits exactly. That's exactly what you can expect from our mincers.

We carefully machine and inspect each part to ensure that the parts fit together easily. As a result, you have a mincer assembled in seconds that is easy to maintain and minces perfectly.


Diameter of cutting plate holes: 4,5 mm
Cutting plate diameter: 62 mm
Power: approximately 0.7 kg per minute
Mincer material: cast iron
Surface: food industry standard tin
Handle material: wood
Tloušťka pracovní desky 15-40mm

Biscuit cutters and charging kit are not included.

What fits

Mincing meat (even streaky)
Grinding fruits, vegetables, bread
Biscuit making (with an attachment)
Sausage and white pudding making (with an attachment)