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Technical and qualitative elements – RKS PORKERT®

Technical and qualitative elements – RKS PORKERT®

Hand cutters (ruční krájecí strojky, RKS) of the PORKERT® brand, manufactured and distributed by Hanhart Morkovice s.r.o., are made of quality gray cast iron and are food-grade tin plated. The National Institute of Public Health (Prague, Czech Republic) has issued a product (RKS) approval for short-term contact with food in accordance with Decree No. 38/2011 of the Collection, as amended, guaranteeing the health safety of RKSes. Based on the development of the market and customer requirements, all parts, except for the cutting boards and knives, are completely tin-plated, or more precisely, surface treated, i.e. including parts that are being machined. Due to the above-mentioned fact, the surface of these parts wears out during their use (see photo-documentation below) by creating scratches, cuts and grooves, etc. (“wear and tear”). Such wear and tear do not affect the function of the RKSes and are not a reason for a complaint.


The wear and tear may occur on the following parts:

Screw cone

 Screw pin


Nut thread

Body thread


Crank hole



Important warning: 

A perfect handle is mounted on the screw cone to 50–70% of the depth of its hole

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