Při nákupu zboží v hodnotě nad 1500,- Kč doprava zdarma.


Quality even our grandmothers believed in

5 to 10 years warranty

Tradition since 1881

Top quality

If you sit at the table with your family, every day is a special occasion. Enjoy it and relax just like in our grandmothers’ day. Even they cooked with Porkert products.

You know our mincers from childhood

Porkert has been here since 1881

Do you remember the reliable cast iron grinder your grandmother used for milling the nuts for Christmas cookies? It came from the Eagle Mountains, Czech Republic, and Josef Porkert and his sons were behind his indestructible quality. The story of their factory began in 1881 and continues to this day - thanks to you, our customers, who believe in honest work.

Learn the full story of the Porkert family and their dateless products.

The story of Porkert
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