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Invi Cutting Board

Give yourself and your loved ones joy by serving food in a truly unusual way.

  • High-quality oak wood
  • Original design
  • Aluminium handle
We wanted to bring an everyday piece of kitchen equipment up to another level. We took traditional materials, high-quality oak wood plus aluminium handles, and designed cutting boards for you that fully meet their purpose and also look magnificently. See for yourself, please.

Unique shape


A combination of high-quality oak wood and aluminium handle in original shapes has created a cutting board being a unique accessory to both modern and traditional kitchens. You can cut and immediately serve on a table for your loved ones and you can be sure that this board will decorate your dining table


Since its inception, the PORKERT brand has been based on careful processing and selecting high-quality top materials. Even in the case of cutting boards it is no different. The oak wood tolerates moisture well and thanks to its durability it is used, among other things, for building structures, water structures, or wine barrels. For these reasons, oak wood has been a clear choice. The aluminium used for the handles features an excellent ratio of strength and weight, thanks to which long durability, as well as superior ergonomics, can be guaranteed.  


Oak wood
Impregnated with a non-toxic oil
Aluminium handle – RAL 7016 color
Stainless steel screws
Dimension: 39 × 24 × 1.5 cm
To maintain a long service life:
- Do not expose the board to a direct heat source (radiator, infrared emitter, etc.);
- Never place the board into a dishwasher;
- Do not expose the board to excessive moisture and dry it after washing;
- After use, wash and dry the board without undue delay;

To “revive” your board so that it looks like a new one again, apply a layer of non-toxic oil on all sides using a cloth or sponge and let it absorb. If mineral oil is not available, vegetable oil may be used as well.